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Experienced IB Tutors created EduIB to help IB Students.They prepared them a online question bank which is the best online resource.There are teachers,experienced IB students and examiners at our team.Tutors who created EduIB have a very deep knowledge about IB curriculum.


EduIB is committed to build a unique,large and interactive resource for IB students around the World.

As EduIB continue to grow,it will invest to the new Technologies,teachers,designers to be the global leader at online IB education. EduIB will regularly update itself and will always be up to date.

EduIB will always add new members to help educators.


We are former students and ambitious educators who want to improve online education so we will always be careful about quality of our content.

Needs of students is the main concern of EduIB so EduIB will always listen students problems.

Quality of content is very important so EduIB will always add contents that pass the examination of the EduIB committee.

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