Time Management for IB Exams

Time Management for IB Exams

Time Management for IB Exams

Time Management

Time management is one of the key aspects of everything in our lives. For students, managing the time when preparing for an exam can be challenging in the beginning. Students tend to procrastinate and avoid studying according to a plan. When it comes to exams such as IB Math, time management can make or break your success. Although you might be at your target yet, you can always learn how to manage your time to prepare for your IB exam.

Why Is Time Management Important for IB Math?

Exams such as IB measure your knowledge as well as how well you can manage your time. You must answer a set number of questions in a set amount of time. There will be no extra time on the real exam to think about the questions. This is why you need to get ready in advance and learn how to allocate the right time for each question.

How Can You Better Manage Your Time?

The biggest question will be about how you can better manage your time. One of the key problems we experience today is procrastination. Both students and adults have a tendency to put off what they are supposed to do at the time. Yet, this habit will not do you any good in your IBO math. You can always build new habits and sustain these habits by taking small steps. Some of the tips for better time management are as follows:

Keep Time When You Solve Questions

In the exam, you must answer all of the questions within the time limit. So, you need to be ready for these time constraints. Keeping time when you are solving questions from a question bank can significantly improve your results. You will become faster as you keep practising.

Set Yourself Time Goals

Another thing you can do is to set certain time goals. For example, you can say, “I will solve this section in 1 hour” or “I will solve at least 20 questions in 30 minutes”. Of course, your goals can change depending on your current speed. Here, you need to be realistic about your goals. Setting impossible or too challenging goals will only lead to frustrating results. Work with your teachers and other experts to set the right time management goals for you.

Solve IB Math Questions as If You Are in The Real Exam

You can simulate the exam environment at home for a more realistic experience. Solving IB Math questions as if you are in the real exam will help you to see your shortcomings. You can understand how many questions you can solve and how many of them are correct. Creating the real IB exam conditions will also help you with your stress levels.

Practice Will Make Time Management Better

These newly acquired time management skills will get better over time. Remember, you will get better at something when you keep practising. Also, you can apply this new skill to your daily life. You can manage your time studying other lessons or practising your other skills like playing the piano.



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