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To help you prepare for the IB exams, we offer practice questions and mock exams. Mock exams are designed to assess your knowledge;

  • About a specific topic
  • About topics you have covered

Mock exams are designed to improve your:

  • Timing strategies
  • Adoption to structure of real exam
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New IB Math Curriculum

Get ready to have 7 in IB MATH. EduIB offers you;

  • Questions about topics and subtopics with different difficulty levels.
  • IB Math practice tests and mock exams
  • Key concepts about topics
  • IB MATH new Formula Sheet
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My story before I discovered tutors who created EduIB was a total confusion. With their help I find right strategies to study IB MATH. They offer me various type of questions. They find my mistakes and shift the difficulty level of questions. I believe EduIB is created with this idea. Students can manage everything in IB curriculum according to their level if they are treated particular to their abilities and skills.


At first, I wasn’t sure whether I could achieve 6 or 7 from IB MATH SL. Then I meet tutors who created EduIB. I take some pre-exams, and they analyze my mistakes and skills about Math. First, we covered past knowledge about our topics. Afterwards my confidence rises, and my belief about taking 7 for IB MATH SL get stronger. I take several practice tests including similar questions to past papers.


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IB Mock Exams

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EduIb is ready to help you at New IBO Math;

EduIB questionbank has the best exercises for the IB students.It is a questionbank and also a solution bank. EduIB is a candidate for global leader in online education especially in International Baccalaurate.

EduIB is created by the ambitious and experienced IB Tutors for the IB Students and IB teachers. We want to create an amazing resource for students and teachers. Our goal is, help hundreds of IB students by providing them lots of practice questions and practice exams.

At EduIB all questions and resources are tested and approved by our committee .EduIB is the best organized IB Question Bank at the internet. All courses are broken up into topics, subtopics and chapters. All questions in topics are sorted by difficulty levels. Students and teachers will be able to choose and solve specific questions about topics. Our library of practice tools, aligned to academic standards and can help students solve questions at their own pace.All questions are similar to questions those are at IB Math past papers Paper 1 and Paper 2 questions can also be found EduIB.

Also SL and HL formulat booklet are ready for you at EduIB.

Studying with EduIB will make you feel organized and you will not get lost while studying a topic. Students will boost their confidence by solving practice questions and exams in EduIB. EduIB is for both IB HL Mathematics and IB SL Mathematics.

EduIB is also a solution bank because students can find solutions and can check their skills and comprehension.

To help students achieving themselves we offer practice exams. Exams in EduIB cover all topics, or topic that are chosen by students.

New IB exams check students conceptual clarity and ability to solve challenging problems. Remembering the formulas, getting familiar with common questions and solving past papers are key codes for new IB exams. EduIB provides students all of them. Students can reach “New IB formula Booklet”, “Key Concepts about Topics”, “Common Question types and Practice exams” those are very similar to questions which are used IB past papers. Students will have chance to analyze their mistakes and identify their areas of weaknesses.

We are committed to prepare a resource which is always up to date and always improving itself. By the help of EduIB students can find an easily accessible,affordable and interactive question bank whenever they want and wherever they want. All questions at EduIB is created similar to the original questions at IB Questionk Bank.Also all questions are similar to IB Math SL Past Papers and IB Math HL Past Papers.

EduIB is Best online IB knowledge repository which is prepared by best IB Tutors.

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