What is "Ln"?

What is "Ln"?

What is "Ln"?

Big Question ; “What is ln?”

Every student who studies math has this big question in his/her mind ; what is ln?

Let me briefly answer this question.

“ln” is a special type of logarithm which is called natural logartihm.This logartihm has the base number “e” (we are going to explain what is the number “e” is ,and where it is used?”)

log=logarithm ln=logarithm natural


It is the inverse of y=ex function.

So you shouldn’t be hesitated when you see “ln”.Don't forget that it is a logarithm function and all of the logarithm rules can be used for “ln”.

Let’s look at the some rules of natural logarithm



ln⁡(x/y)=lnx – lny

ln( ax )=a*ln(x)



And derivative of the function of y=ln(x) is dy/dx=1/x

Also antiderivative of the function y=1/x is y=ln(x) ( ∫1/x dx=ln(x))

And if you need to study for more logarithms,logarithmic functions you can visit our questionbank.

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